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What is the factored form of x^12y^12+1

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Cynthia takes her dog to the park every 2 days. she bathes her dog every 7 days. if she took her dog to the park and bathed him today, how long will it be until she does both on the same day again?
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Cass decided to sell game programs for the hockey game. the printing cost was over 20 cents per program with a selling price of 50 cents each. cass sold all but 50 of the programs, and made a profit of $65. how many programs were printed? letting p represent the number of programs printed, set up an equation that describes this situation. then solve your equation for p.
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What is the definition of exponential decay?
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Can y’all tell me all that applies it’s more than one
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What is the factored form of x^12y^12+1...

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