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Me you can just answer 1 or 2 or all

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What were mkh company's cash flows from (for) operating activities in 20x1? $(180,300) $233,100 $268,200 $279,400?
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Thee blue triangle has rotated from quadrant i to quadrant iii about the origin. describe the effects of the rotation on the coordinates of the blue triangle.
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The polynomial 10x3 + 35x2 - 4x - 14 is factored by grouping. 10x3 + 35x2 - 4x - 14 5x )-20 what is the common factor that is missing from both sets of parentheses?
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Question 3 (01 04 mc w the lamaster family is a family of five people. they have used 4.885 78 gallons of water so for this month. they cannot exceed 7200 gallons per month ng dough season annequality to show how much we just one member of the family can use for the remainder of the month assuming each my member uses the same amount of wate
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