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(2.4x10^2) + (1.5x10^2) a. 3.9x10^2 b. 3.9x10^4

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Asalesperson earns $320 per week plus 8% of her weekly sales. the expression representing her earnings is 320 + 0.08x. which of the following describes the sales necessary for the salesperson to earn at least $1000 in the one week?
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Which is a graph of a proportional relationship?
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Use the distributive law to multiply. 3(4x + 5y + 6)
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The monetary value earned for selling goods or services to customers is called a.) revenue b.) assets c.) money d.) accounting
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(2.4x10^2) + (1.5x10^2) a. 3.9x10^2 b. 3.9x10^4...

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