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As soon as look at the parallelogram abcd shown below: the table below shows the steps to prove that if the quadrilateral abcd is a parallelogram, then its opposite sides are congruent: which choice completes the missing information for reason 5 in the chart? (6 points) congruent parallelograms congruent triangles similar angles similar triangles
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D(5, 7). e(4,3), and f(8, 2) form the vertices of a triangle. what is mzdef? oa. 30° ob. 45° oc. 60° od 90°
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Bob is putting books on a shelf and takes a break after filling 18 1/2 inches on the book shelf. the book shelf is now 2/3 full. how long is the entire bookshelf?
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Use the elimination method to solve the systems of equations. choose the correct ordered pair. 7x+4y=39
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