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Which number is larger 0.775 or 0.95

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The number of fish in a lake can be modeled by the exponential regression equation y=14.08 x 2.08^x where x represents the year
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Assemble the proof by dragging tiles to the statements and reasons comlumns
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Unknown to a medical researcher, 10 out of 18 patients have a heart problem that will result in death if they receive the test drug. 8 patients are randomly selected to receive the drug and the rest receive a placebo. what is the probability that less than 7 patients will die? express your answer as a fraction or a decimal number rounded to four decimal places.
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In a sale there is 25% of all prices a chair costs £45 in sale how much was it before the sale
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Which number is larger 0.775 or 0.95...

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