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What has been a serious cause of division among the nations of eastern europe?

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Wich area did the quakers settle in
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For in this unit, you read about transitions of power and the formation of newly independent nations in africa, asia, the americas, and the middle east. some of these transitions were peaceful, while others caused long-term instability. why do you think some countries were more successful than others with political transitions? what do you think were the biggest challenges facing newly independent countries? would it have been possible for leaders to prevent these problems before they happened? why or why not?
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How did the technology of the late 1800s affect the growth of cities? select one: a. cities were able to expand outward because of additions to railroads. b. electric streetcars enabled the wealthy city dwellers to move to the first suburbs. c. advances in steel and metal technology allowed for the development of the skyscraper, which allowed cities to grow upwards. d. all of these are correct.
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Which roman emperor was responsible for a major shift in the dominate religious attitude of the roman empire?
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What has been a serious cause of division among the nations of eastern europe?...

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