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When did the aztecs become the most powerful?

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Which of harriet martineau’s books is a foundational treatise on sociological data collection?
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Why didn’t the united states participate in the league of nations? the u. s. senate did not want the country to join. president wilson did not want the country to join. the league of nations was only for european countries. the league of nations had failed to prevent world war 1
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During the eisenhower administration, the u. s. began to take an active military role supporting the government of o o a. south africa o b. burma (myanmar) o oc. finland od. south vietnam
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The television had many impacts after it's invention. which of the following describes impacts of television? -brought people together -allowed people to see others-people saw america as the land of plenty- all the above
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When did the aztecs become the most powerful?...

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