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How do hunter-gatherers affect the environment in which they live

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Asap how do you think the current presidency has impacted our economic system in america?
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Which of the following was a characteristic of government proposed by the new jersey plan? it denied congress the ability to levy taxes. it based representation on population rather than keeping states equal regardless of size. it denied congress the ability to regulate trade. it preserved an executive committee rather than adopting a singular president.
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What does the case of mary dyer in 1660 illustrate? a. puritans practiced a fierce rhetoric but were lenient in practice. b. quakers had a tenuous grasp on the social realities of the english colonies. c. quakers were willing to defy authority even at their own personal risk and expense. d. quakers practiced their religion without a church and without clergy.
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How do hunter-gatherers affect the environment in which they live...

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