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What happened to the tsar during the russian revolution? 1.he regained power. 2.he went into exile. 3.he was executed. 4.he died of natural causes.

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After he was blamed for russia’s military losses during wwi, the tsar’s popularity continued to fall because of a. alexandra’s leadership. b. rasputin’s influence. c. the lack of food. d. the lack of jobs. what marked the end of the russian monarchy? e. the russian civil war f. the russian revolution g. the tsar and his family’s move to siberia h. the execution of the tsar and his family
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Which of the following best describes a cause for the russian revolution of february 1917? a. russians disliked rasputin's political influences on tsar nicholas ii and they wanted to removed him from power b. tsar nicholas ii failed to solve russia's political, economic, and social problems. c. russians sought to overthrow tsar nicholas ii to build a communist state under lenin's control d. tsar nicholas ii led the revolution in an attempt to unify the nation and promote marxism.
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What happened in the "october revolution", or the second part of the russian revolution? on quiz ! answer lenin seized power and instituted the worlds first communist government. russia immediately dropped out of wwi. the tsar reclaimed power with from the "white army." the allies stepped in to keep russia in the war. the tsar fled to austria-hungary and lived the rest of his life in exile.
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What happened to tsar during the russian revolution?
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What happened to the tsar during the russian revolution? 1.he regained power. 2.he went into exile....

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