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How was islamic art influenced by arab, persian, and turkish traditions?

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Answer fast how did the islamic world spur and influence the development of the renaissance? (1 point) arab scholars preserved and built on classical science and mathematics, which they conveyed to europe through trade. islamic art was the inspiration for much of the portraiture of the early italian renaissance. the crusades inspired a western european interest in islamic traditions, which included classical art and literature. repeated conflict with islamic forces pushed europeans to develop medicine and technologies for battlefield use.
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Hurry. about half of iran’s population is persian arab turkish kurdish
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Which of the following contributed to the rapid expansion of the islamic/arab empire in the century following the death of muhammad? the weakened condition of the byzantine and persian empires a smooth succession of caliphs selected by election the violent campaigns against infidels the uniting of all arab’s behind muhammad’s relative ali
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One way mustafa kemal created a modern, secular, nationalist, turkish state in what used to be the ottoman empire was by a. switching the arabic alphabet to the roman one and the islamic calendar to the one used in europe b. encouraging people to dress in traditional ottoman attire c. bringing in u. s. advisors to aid in the process d. gradually and slyly introducing european ideas and labeling them as turkish national traditions
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How was islamic art influenced by arab, persian, and turkish traditions?...

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