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Why did egypt attract the interest of the superpowers during the cold war

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Interest rates on short-term assets tend to: choose the correct answer from the following choices. a. move together. b. attract investors who are looking for the lowest possible interest rate. c. compete to attract different segments of the economic market. d. be negatively correlated.
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What result did détente have on the cold war? a. it significantly increased tensions between the superpowers b. it caused the two superpowers to disband nato and the warsaw pact c. it substantially reduced the chances of nuclear war. d. it had little effect on the cold war.
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How did the space race between the united states and the soviet union affect the cold war? a) the space race caused tensions to rise between the superpowers b) the space race resulted in several small conflicts between the superpowers c) the space race lowered tensions and resulted in closer ties between the superpowers d) the space race did not affect the cold war in any significant way
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What superpowers were involved in the cold war? how did the cold war effect them?
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Why did egypt attract the interest of the superpowers during the cold war...

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