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Why did the trench warfare lead to a sralemate on the western front

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Which of the following brought about the final settlement of the official boundary lines of the state of texas? the peace treaty of the mexican-american war the 1845 act signed by the president that made texas a state the reincorporation of texas at the end of the civil war the compromise of 1850
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What was a result of the industrial revolution in the united states
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What is the name for the main idea behind the settling of western lands by americans in the early-1800s?
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Which of the following best describes the outcome of the bay of pigs invasion? -it ended in a draw despite strong air support from the united states. -it was a partial success that to resolve the cuban missile crisis. -it was a success and created hostility between cuba and the soviet union. -it was a failure that was an embarrassment for the kennedy administration.
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Why did the trench warfare lead to a sralemate on the western front...

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