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What happened in eastern south carolina 1780

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Who surrendered in south carolina may 1780
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Q: which of the following is true regarding the racial diversity of colonial south carolina? select one: a. south carolina had very little racial diversity compared to the other colonies. b. the south carolinian colonial government allowed for equal political representation for each race. c. south carolina was home to african, english, scots, scotch-irish, german and french settlers. d. most of the earliest colonists came from eastern europe and asia.
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What happened when the tariff proposed by henry clay passed in 1832? a. the businesses that gained from the tariff were mostly in cities in the south. b. congress failed for many years to work out a compromise. c. south carolina considered pulling out of the union as a protest. d. a brief military conflict broke out between south carolina and other states in the south.
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What happened in eastern south carolina 1780...

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