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1. how does earth's rotation cause day and night? (1pt)
as the earth rotates toward the east the sun appears to rise in the east and set in the west.
2.roughly how many times does the earth rotate during each complete revolution?
(1pt) 365. 3. saturn's day is roughly 10 hours it takes about 30 years for saturn to return to the same point in space how do
saturn's periods of rotation and revolution compare to earth's?
(1pt) earth's period of rotation is longer, earth's period of revolution is shorter
4. why does the sun appear to move westward across the sky during the day?
(1pt) because earth rotates to the east. 5. wgucg if tge fikkiwubg states best describes biosphere?
(1pt) it is the part of earth that contains living organisms.
6.what is the importance of water on earth? (1pt)it allows life to exist,
7. which of the following is an example of a contructive force?
(1pt) the eruption of a valcano. 8. how does gravity affect the moon? (1pt) it pulls the moon toward the earth.

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1. how does earth's rotation cause day and night? (1pt)
as the earth rotates toward the east...

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