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What needs to be included in the middle section of a personal narrative?

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You are a roman living around 80 215. write an essay about how the roman empire has changed since the reign of trajan. as an ordinary citizen, which change affects you most?
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According to the qianlong emperor, why was china not interested in importing anything else?
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How economics, politics and society affected the development of the congo: structure like this and use points similar to these economics - .big corporations and conflict minerals .king leopold made 1.1 billion dollars from stealing rubber politics- .assasination of lumumba by us .mobutu reign society- .illegal mining of uranium .women don’t feel safe .child soldiers
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Which of these marketing methods henry ford sell the model t to many people who had never before owned a car? a) offering free maintenance on cars for a full year b) airing television commercials with memorable slogans c) advertising with the new communication outlets such as radio d) offering many different colors and models for buyers to choose from
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What needs to be included in the middle section of a personal narrative?...

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