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What effect did the pax romana have on rome?

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The french people were divided intoestates. church officials, such as priests, were members of theestate. peasants belonged to theestate.
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Match the events to the impact they had on africa during the late 19th century 1.colonization of the congo 2.berlin conference of 1884 3.berlin act of 1885 settled tutorial disputes between european nations prohibited the slave trade in africa marks the beginning of scramble for africa
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Wire campaign finance laws administered by the fec not well enforced? a campaign finance rules are difficult to enforce b the fec has been plagued by corruption? c the fec does not have enough staff or funding d the fec was only created by the america vote act of 2002
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Which combination would the president most likely use to convince congress to pass an economic stimulus bill?
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What effect did the pax romana have on rome?...

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