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Who was edward snowden? what did he accomplish? how did he show/create civil disobedience" or "nonviolent resistance"?

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What is the first stage in creating a new public policy? a. the legislative branch debates and fine-tunes an idea b. the supreme court identifies a need to change a law. c. a state official petitions the federal government. d. the executive branch creates a proposal.
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Are first amendment rights guaranteed in every situation? a. yes, because protecting civil liberties was one of the most important values to the founders of this country b. no, because sometimes the government limits individual freedoms for the benefit of the public as a whole. c. no, because people have to earn their first amendment rights by behaving in a responsible way. d. yes, because the first amendment is part of the constitution, which is the basis for all law and government.
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How did enlightenment philosopher of all tear influence french government
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Question 1 which of the following can be defined as a " non-public" forum? a. the inside hall of a convention hall. b. a public street corner c. the steps of a court house d. a school classroom question 2 why is it beneficial for the government to allow freedom of speech? a. by allowing freedom of speech, the government can improve by hearing and accepting criticism from the people. b. by allowing freedom of speech. the government can punish actions by it's citizens. c. by allowing freedom fo speech, the government will provide a diverse culture. d. by allowing freedom of speech, the government allows itself to be overthrown to create a better government. question 3 which of the following is an example of sedition? a. a socialist encourages military soldiers to leave the military before they are legally allowed to. b. a communist presents ideas for a new government. c. a student organizes a flag burning protest. d. the new york times is restricted from printing a story about a defense trial.
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Who was edward snowden? what did he accomplish? how did he show/create civil disobedience" or "non...

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