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Select the four reasons why eastern luxuries were expensive

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Explain two reasons for socialism and two reasons against social
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What is the source dotheboys hall “it still tastes awful” about? (gcse history)
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Which statements about richelieu, chief minister to louis xill offrance are correct? 1. he was a catholic cardinal who worked to support theinterests of the state.2. he supported the great nobles in their continuing disputewith the french monarchy.3. he reduced taxation and the costs of government.4. he restricted the independence of the huguenots.​
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The formation of business monopolies in the late 1800s was made possible by the (1) effects of laissez-faire policies (2) passage of federal antitrust laws (3) elimination of the free-enterprise system (4) adoption of socialist economic practices
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Select the four reasons why eastern luxuries were expensive...

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