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What change did american farmers face in the late 1920s

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Which statement best summarizes the process of the abolition of slavery in the united states? o a slave owners agreed to limit and ultimately abolish slavery to prevent a slave rebellion similar to the haitian revolution o b. the united states did not abolish slavery until after many latin american countries did because it faced opposition from powerful slaveholders o c. the abolition movement in the united states used a series of legal challenges to successfully outlaw slavery. d. the abolition movement used nonviolent tactics to eventually convince the u. s. government to abolish slavery.
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Brainliesttt !me : ) describe the conflict and changes in israel:
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The u. s. constitution outlawed slavery. true false
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Historians have recently discovered a historical journal published in the early twentieth century. the journal contains facts based on original sources about the downfall of the early byzantium empire. historians consider this long-lost journal to be a breakthrough in their understanding of the byzantium empire. based on this information, the journal is a source.
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What change did american farmers face in the late 1920s...

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