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The president and the blank blank receive advice and input from staff, advocacy groups, and interest groups in the nomination process

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In his speech how does kennedy build his claim that the united states will defend freedom in its hour of maximum emergency? a. by arguing that the u. s. must enforce international law across the world since the united states is the lone superpower in the worldb. by demonstrating that the poverty which many people suffer from is an obstacle to true freedom  c. by stating that the u. s. will play an active role in fighting groups that are opposed to freedom, and by supporting groups that are fighting for freedom  d. by demanding that the adversaries of the united states be more willing to negotiate, or else there will be war
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How did disease impact the human death toll during this time period? disease killed more people than combat during this time. disease steadily increased as the war hospitals were attacked. improvements in medical technology decreased illness overall. disease was a small but significant contributor to deaths at this time.
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During its history, france has been a kingdom, an empire, a colonial power and a republic. true or false
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According to the text, what long-lasting decision was made by american voters in the election of 1896? question 1 options: that immigration to the united states would be severely limited in the 1900s. that business interests and corporations would dominate throughout the 1900s. that working people, including farmers and factory workers, would gain power in the 1900s.
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The president and the blank blank receive advice and input from staff, advocacy groups, and interest...

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