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Y=2(x-0.5)+4 i need to put this in slope intercept formula

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Led american soldiers into the little bighorn valley to protect miners from native american attacks options: -corral -wounded knee creek -reservation -geronimo -colonel custer -chief joseph -lode
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Which action bestillustrates the process of making an interpretation? a. a historian reads a secondary source about the cold war to find out the dates and locations of important historical occurrences. important historical occurrences, b. a historian publishes a popular article about racism in 20th- century south africa but does not cite any sources. c. a historian writes a textbook designed to teach college students about the duties of a professional historian. d. a historian reads speeches by english and french leaders during world war il to differentiate between their content and tone.
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Why were chinese american immigrants frequently detained when trying to immigrate through angel island? the rules for immigration were stricter at this checkpoint due to health issues that were prevalent among asian populations at this time. the location of the island was difficult to reach, and ships to the mainland were often prevented from sailing more than once a week. immigration agents were notorious for asking immigrants confusing questions as a means of denying them entry. low wages caused a shortage of immigration officials, so many immigrants had to wait weeks or months before their applications were processed.
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What was the significance of john hancock's signature on the declaration of independence?
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Y=2(x-0.5)+4 i need to put this in slope intercept formula...

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