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Why was virginia's house of burgesses significant?

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Which one of the following statements best characterizes change to agriculture in the united states since 1900
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Characteristics of what type of economic system are being described below? 1.economy in which some/all of the basic economic questions answered by central authority 2.trade generally limited to what is produced through the influence of the government a. command economies. b. market economies. c. traditional economies.
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Which statement best explains why a supreme court opinion is a seminal document? an opinion can become quite lengthy, which makes it a seminal document. supreme court documents are the only seminal documents in the united states. an opinion may create major changes in the laws or policies of the united states. generally speaking, a supreme court opinion reflects the feelings of all americans.
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Which 2 parties emerged from the whiskey rebellion
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Why was virginia's house of burgesses significant?...

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