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How would malcolm x define “american”

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Imagine that you are living in the newly formed u. s. inflation is high. the value of money is decreasing, and prices are rising. you have been asked by the federal government to come up with a solution to this issue. in the space provided, create a plan that would to solve the issue of inflation. support your plan with details and evidence from the lesson.
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Ageographer starting a specific culture learns that the cultures values include reincarnation to believe in karma and the idea that people in a society are born into a specific social group and remain in the group forever. this geographer is most likely studying a culture in which country or countries
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Many had hoped that a compromise would be reached to prevent further nation divide. which compromise do you think could have best prevented the civil war from occurring? explain why or why not using details from the lesson.
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What was an important consequence of the neolithic revolution? ):
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How would malcolm x define “american”...

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