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Passage 1: speech by the president of the united states on the passage of the federal gun control act of 2020.

today i have signed into law an act that will keep our country safe from the growing danger of gun violence. every year, we hear about more and more americans being killed with firearms. from police officers to college students, everybody has the right to be safe in this country. this law will ensure our citizens' safety by requiring strict background checks on every gun purchase, outlawing many of the deadliest handguns and assault weapons, and creating stiffer penalties for gun crimes. hunters and responsible gun owners don't need to worry; you will be able to keep almost any gun used for hunting or target shooting. the law will only affect americans who use firearms to hurt and terrorize their fellow citizens.

who is the author?

what is the time/place of creation?

who is the intended audience?

what is the main idea?

what is the context?

is there bias? if so, explain.

accuracy in the text? explain.

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Passage 1: speech by the president of the united states on the passage of the federal gun control a...

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