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What nutrient does wheat bread have more of than white bread?

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Increasing the intensity of an exteriors will increase the strength of a muscle true or false
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The part of the nephron provides initial filtering of the blood in the urinary system.
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Astructural difference between the trachea and esophagus that prevents the trachea from collapsing is the presence of: a) smooth muscle b) skeletal muscle c) respiratory cilia d) rings of cartilage
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Acoastal community is drafting a plan in case of a hurricane. which action is an appropriate element for an effective plan? 1.) creating a map of areas that are not affected by storm surge 2.) plotting the location of all fire hydrants along major travel routes 3.) relocating any individuals who might be affected by the disaster 4.) identifying multiple evacuation routes for each area of the community
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What nutrient does wheat bread have more of than white bread?...

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