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What would be the result of chronic bleeding from gastric carcinoma?

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What skin cancer is the fastest growing and most dangerous a.)basal cell carcinoma b.)squamous cell carcinoma c.)epidermal carcinoma d.)malignant melanoma
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Ahuge portion of the overall cost of health care goes to treating chronic disease because a. chronic diseases are serious and always require expensive surgeries and other procedures. b. chronic disease is an illness with no easy cure or solution, so treatment is typically extensive and long- lasting. c. chronic disease is not preventable, so once a patient has a chronic disease, they have it for life. d. chronic disease is the result of lifestyle, and diseases that are preventable are never covered under insurance.
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A63-year-old white male is seen in the ambulatory outpatient clinic with complaints of midepigastric pain, weight loss, and jaundice. on examination, he is jaundiced and his sclerae are icteric. on palpation of the abdomen, you find a distended nontender gallbladder. which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? a. gastric carcinoma b. chronic pancreatitis c. pancreatic carcinoma d. choledocholithiasis
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The philadelphia chromosomes appear in? a- fibrosarcoma b-chronic myelogous carcinoma c-adenocarcinoma d-small c ell carcinoma
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What would be the result of chronic bleeding from gastric carcinoma?...

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