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How many children in the us are affected by selective mutism? how many teens in the us are affected by it? if you don't know the answer, don't answer.

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Describe some of the common health conditions associated with air pollution.
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Melanocytes and keratinocytes work together in protecting the skin from uv damage when keratinocytes a. provide the melanocyte with a protective shield against abrasion b. maintain the appropriate temperature so the product of the melanocyte will not denature c. maintain the appropriate ph in order for the melanocyte to synthesize melanin granules d. accumulate the melanin granules on their superficial portion, forming a uv-blocking pigment layer
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Use the list below to answer the question: abnormal behavior criteria: • ? • distressing • dysfunctional to be diagnosed with a disorder, an individual must exhibit behavior that meets three criteria. what term completes the list? a. deviant b. diagnosed c. disturbing d. disabled (i think it’s disturbing but i’m not sure! if you know the answer pls comment and i’ll give brainliest if right)
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Match the government contribution to mental health to the issue it was created to address. 1. community mental health act of 1963 first federal funding for mental health care 2. commission on mental health, est. 1977 created to determine the mental health needs of the united states 3. the decade of the brain federal funding invested to research mental illness and functions of the brain
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How many children in the us are affected by selective mutism? how many teens in the us are affected...

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