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I just need my bf to see this so he can friend request me

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Advertisements are filled with images of extremely fit and sometimes even underweight people. what is an example of how these images might positively influence a person’s health choices? a) choosing to use weight loss supplements to increase weight loss b) electing to skip meals to reduce calorie intake until target weight is met c) figuring out ways to purge after meals to reduce the number of calories consumed d) finding ways to increase physical activity to burn calories and increase heart weight
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Which is a direct benefit of prohibiting nicotine and tabacco use in schools?
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Amy gained cardiovascular health benefits from running consistently over the past year. now she runs inconsistently and has lost some of those health benefits. this principle is known as?
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What do you generally see in a family when both parents are working?
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I just need my bf to see this so he can friend request me...

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