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If you want to improve your muscular strength, what is the best plan? low resistance with high reps high resistance with low reps low resistance with low reps high resistance with high reps

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Rotational DynamicsEarthPerigeeExample 15:An artificial satellite is placed into an elliptical orbit aboutthe Earth. Telemetry data indicate that its point of closestapproach (called the perigee) is rp= 8.37.10° m Apogee --from the center of the Earth, and its point ofgreatest distance (called the apogee) is ra= 25.1. 10m Afrom the center of the Earth.The speed of the satellite at the perigee is vp = 8450 m/s.Find its speed va at the apogee.Reasoning:​
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Amino acids are important to the body because they build carbohydrates proteins complex carbohydrates simple sugars fats
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Adnexa is a word that literally means and is applied chiefly to refer to the appendages of the eye. an antrum is a _sinuscavity_, especially within a bone. the term asthenopia means a condition of in the an astrocytoma is a consisting of hypercrinia refers to of any endocrine gland. dacryogenic pertains to the of dura means and is used as a shortened form or duramater, the outer covering of the brain. the word fascia is used to denote a of fibrous tissue. heliosensitivity denotes to the hypnology is the of the term isocellular refers to the composition of cells of the size or kind. a laparogastrostomy is the creation of a permanent to the through the wall. the term malignant is used to mean something demetia is a general term for deterioration. the term oculopathy refers to any of the prepartak means occurring just the term podalic denotes being accomplished by means of the a mastoscirrhus is a cancer of the sclerosis is a of a septum is a general term to designate a dividing a sinus is a in the body the term somatopathy denotes a as distinguished from a mental one. tarsus pertains to the region of the foot. the term topalgia denotes trachelomyitis is an of the within the
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If you want to improve your muscular strength, what is the best plan? low resistance with high reps...

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