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in action
ou are dispatched to a local park for at
roller skating. she was wearing a helmet. yon
laceration on her knee. she is unresponsive a friends
wake the woman up, but she was unable to rose
el for a report of a woman wton dan
helmet. you can see she is blog cars from
sive. a friend skating with her says she tada
6. given the type of incident, now should you pun
patient's airway to check for breathing)
7. the woman is breathing at a nomal are. what
should you do next?
8. which parts of the body are used in breathing
1. your first step in assessing this patient should be to:
a. shake her shoulder.
b. check her pulse.
c. check for breathing.
d. establish her level of responsiveness.
2. if you are not able to get air into the woman the first
time, what should be your next step?
a. roll her onto her side.
b. attempt the jaw-thrust maneuver again and try to
c. give a bigger rescue breath.
d. give abdominal thrusts.
3. from what you have learned about the respiratory
system, what is the normal breathing rate for an
a. 4 to 10 times a minute
b. 12 to 20 times a minute
c. 22 to 30 times a minute
d. 31 to 50 times a minute
9. what signs would tell you the patient is not breathing
10. how would you treat the woman diferemy
had a stoma?
4. the woman starts to vomit. you now need to place
her on her side to ensure she does not choke. how
should you do that?
a. grab her arms and pull her over.
b. log roll her onto her side while making sure her
head, neck, and spine are aligned.
c. turn her head to the side.
d. lift her to a semireclining position and start
5. supplemental oxygen is kept in cylinders and stored
at 2.000 psi. what device reduces the pressure for
use in the field?
a. a gas gauge
b. a nasopharynx airway
c. a pressure regulator and flowmeter
d. a nasal cannula
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in action
ou are dispatched to a local park for at
roller skating. she...

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