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Culture is an external influence on food decisions true or false

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Assume you were going to teach this information to a group of seventh graders. pick a title for your presentation that would make the seventh graders want to listen to you.
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Which of the following is not an internal factor of decision making? a. ethics b. emotions c. peer pressure d. attitude
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According to positive psychologists, an individual’s subjective well-being consists of one’s and a. overall level of happiness . . life satisfaction b. goal accomplishments . . money earned c. idea of self-importance . . social acceptance d. level of self-esteem . . pride sorry am i just not getting it or is this worded confusingly xd
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You should explain your chosen dna typing method and try to persuade scientists in the field that it’s the superior option. your pamphlet should describe the process involved with your chosen type, and the benefits of it, in terms of the accuracy of the results of the test and the usefulness of it in forensic science. your information can come from the module but should be supplemented with additional online research. provide details about how the dna and cells are used—keep your audience in mind!
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Culture is an external influence on food decisions true or false...

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