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When groups of people are displaced to a new country because they flee in fear of their lives from their homeland, they might choose to settle together in a community in a new location and try to maintain their ethnic identity. this demonstrates the concept of
1. diaspora.2. genocide.3. heterogeny.4. linguistics.

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Which part of the female reproductive system produces sex hormones and contains eggs? the uterus the ovaries the vagina the fallopian tubes
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Two shoppers bought meat at the supermarket deli. the first shopper bought 3 pounds of meat for $9,87 . the second bought 4 pounds of meat for $16,76. can you tell if both shoppers bought the same kind of meat.
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Match the vocabulary terms to the correct definition. 1. branch of u. s. department of human services that works to improve the emotional and mental lives of families and communities; may include social workers, community managers and planners, therapists and corrective treatment specialists, and educators and child care workers quality-of-life indicators 2. infrastructure used to reduce health-care related expenses and increase the affordability of health care and insurance; increases the need for coordination among health care providers managed health-care system 3. federal healthcare insurance that provides medical, psychological, therapy, or social work services to the disadvantaged (medicaid) or the elderly (medicare) medicaid or medicare 4. measurements of the well-being of an individual, community, or larger population; includes physical, mental, emotional, and social health as well as other factors such as safety and opportunity for intellectual growth and challenges family and community services
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Clarissa thought that learning to play the bangs was a waste of time. she didnt bother to practice after her lessons because she saw no point in it. what is clarissa expressing? fear of failure a negative value reaction low expectations defiance toward education
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When groups of people are displaced to a new country because they flee in fear of their lives from t...

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