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Law/legislation of poor against children

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Marijuana is an example of a(n) drug
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Josie decided to redecorate her son’s room. he is a toddler now and needs a bed instead of a crib. she packed up all of his infant toys and decided to donate them to his day care center. included in the box was a rattle that he had been quite attached to. he always pulled the small knob off the end of the rattle and josie would frequently reattach it. she thought that the knob was dangerous but nothing bad ever happened. some other kid might like to play with it now. 1. should josie have been concerned about the knob when her son first started removing it? why or why not? (2-3 sentences) 2. if she had reported the knob to the consumer product safety commission, what could the agency have done? (2-3 sentences) 3. if josie gives the box of toys to the day care center, what should the center director do? (2-3 sentences) 4. provide an appropriate substitute toy for her son at the age of infancy to replace the rattle. what does this toy promote for developmental wellbeing? you can include a picture or direct weblink to the toy, but do not forget your answer to the question regarding what does it promote for developmental wellbeing. (4-5 sentences) answer
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Why is it so important to have a lifetime commitment to training? a-it takes your entire life to become fit b-it keeps you from becoming bored c-you will lose strength and endurance once you stop exercising d-it increases your motivation in life
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Who is considered the father of modern behavioralism? a fred b jung simmer pavlov​
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Law/legislation of poor against children...

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