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You've seen many harmful effects of substance abuse and you should have some ideas in mind for preventing it. you've also have read stories about how others have coped with ecstasy addiction and cigarette smoking. now think about your own life and experiences and tell your story. it can be real or fictional, about you or about someone else. if it's based on a real story that does not yet have a satisfactory ending, you can change the story by using the prevention strategies and successful struggles with these issues that you've seen. write your story in the space provided.

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The affordable care act has expanded mental health and substance abuse benefits to 62 million people and is an addition to the mental health parity act of 2008. the changes and additions require mental health coverage in small group and individual plans where people were not previously covered. what is the biggest benefit of these changes? what major challenges are still associated with mental health coverage? explain your reasoning.
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You've seen many harmful effects of substance abuse and you should have some ideas in mind for preve...

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