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Compared to 100 years ago, today portugal

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Which statements are accurate about snow flakes
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In north america, most winter storms form when cold, dry air from interacts with warm, moist air from
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The layers of earth are based on what two sets of characteristics?
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During metamorphic processes, increased pressure and temperature can affect the of minerals in rock. rocks subjected to very high pressure are typically than others because mineral grains are squeezed together, and the atoms are more closely packed. during metamorphic processes, water facilitates the transfer of ions between and within minerals, which can the rate at which metamorphic reactions take place. the growth of new minerals within a rock during metamorphism has been estimated to be about per million years. metamorphism is commonly associated with convergent plate boundaries, where two plates move toward each other. during contact metamorphism, a large intrusion will contain thermal energy and will cool much more slowly than a small one. metamorphosed sandstone is known as the metamorphic rock made from metamorphosed shale, was once used to make blackboards for classrooms
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Compared to 100 years ago, today portugal...

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