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Student Directions Monumental Debates Explanatory Performance Task Task: Your history teacher presents a slide show about some famous monuments: the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Washington Monument. As your teacher shares reasons some people dislike some monuments, you realize that there is more to monuments than you previously thought. You decide to research why some people disagree about monuments. As part of your initial research, you find four articles about monuments. After you have reviewed these sources, you will answer some questions about them. Briefly scan the sources and the questions that follow. Then, go back and read the sources carefully to gain the information you will need to answer the questions and finalize your research. You may click the NOTES box to take notes on the information you find in the sources as you read. . Your notes will be available to you as you answer the questions.

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Which summarized story is most likely a myth?
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Which word best describes the author's tone in this excerpt from "that spot" by jack london? i don’t think much of stephen mackaye any more, though i used to swear by him. i know that in those days i loved him more than my own brother. if ever i meet stephen mackaye again, i shall not be responsible for my actions. it passes beyond me that a man with whom i shared food and blanket, and with whom i mushed over the chilcoot trail, should turn out the way he did. i always sized steve up as a square man, a kindly comrade, without an iota of anything vindictive or malicious in his nature. i shall never trust my judgment in men again. why, i nursed that man through typhoid fever; we starved together on the headwaters of the stewart; and he saved my life on the little salmon. and now, after the years we were together, all i can say of stephen mackaye is that he is the meanest man i ever knew. a. excited b. ironic c. indignant d. playful
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In mandatory military service in america one of the main arguments states that americans should share benefits and responsibilities of citizenship.
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He picture shows a fishing technique called trawling. how might trawling affect marine biodiversity? decrease biodiversity by harvesting everything in its path, so that unwanted fish are unnecessarily killed
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