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Which sentence has a subject-verb agreement error?
a) why doesn't the weatherman ever accurately predict the possibility of rain on field trip days?
b) the hockey players who were caught out past curfew were benched for the first half of the game.
c) the songs we are going to memorize for the christmas musical are going to be difficult to remember.
d) the box of ornaments in the attic that my grandmother gave me are as priceless as they are beautiful.

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Which of the following sentences most clearly uses topical organization? a. do you have problems with mosquitoes and gnats? fabulous exterminators can ! b. we've gathered at this conference to discuss three things: poverty, war, and disease. c. killer bees have spread up from south america into mexico and the united states. d. first, gather all the painting supplies you need. next, lay them out on a work bench.
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Your essay should be short, just 250 words, and it can be written on any subject. it should contain an example of parallel structure, an example ofevery type of phrase and clause outlined in this lesson, an example of two independent clauses connected by asemicolon, and an example of a colon. if you are struggling to come up with an idea for an essay, consider writing itabout the themes present in one of the texts you have read already.​
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If you get me a passing grade ill give u a you and brainlest : ) 1. which is the best paraphrase of these lines from "new world"? eagles / hie and / hover / above / the plain a)eagles hurry and hang above the flatland. b)eagles hang in midair and wave their wings. c)eagles race and rush in an ugly way. d)eagles soar and swoop in a simple, everyday way. 2. in "january," what does the speaker mean by the image in the following lines? the sun a spark hung thin between the dark and dark. a)the sun barely shows behind the dark clouds. b)the sun sends off thin sparks in the night. c)the sun appears for only a short time between the long winter nights. d)the sun is unable to relieve the depression of winter. 3. which phrase from the lines you identify the correct answer to the previous question? a)the sun b)a spark c)hung thin d)and dark 5. which word in this sentence is a personal pronoun in the objective case? we know two tour guides, and they gave us a tour themselves. a)we b)they c)us d)themselves 6. which of the following sentences uses a pronoun in the possessive case? a)ask sarah to pass the chips to me. b)check for my signature on the front page c)he went to the park to find the dog. d)the winner of the contest was she. revise the following sentence so it uses a pronoun in the objective case. i took the book from ian. a)ian handed the book to me b)he handed the book over. c)i took his book. d)we exchanged books. 8. in which situation are you most likely use the word tongue? a)translating a book from german to engli b)writing an ad for a new business c)carrying some groceries into your home d)driving in a car to the store 9. in which hobby would you most likely know about the word pollen? a)fencing b)knitting c)gardenin d)bowling 10. which word is an antonym for exquisite? a)flawe b)complicated c)gorgeous d)effortless
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Which sentence has a subject-verb agreement error?
a) why doesn't the weatherman ever accurat...

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