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In nonfiction, what refers to the written text that informs, explains, or discusses real things, events, or ideas.

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Respond to one of the questions below. include at least two supporting details or examples. a. in “the literature of the middle east and south asia,” laura winkiel writes: “these stories us to understand the complex questions that middle easterners and south asian people ask as they stand at a crossroads of cultural and religious change.” explain how this statement applies to one of the selections you read. be sure to include the title of the selection and explain the crossroads that it illustrates. b. setting and mood are important elements in many of the stories in this unit. choose one story and describe some aspects of its setting: where it takes place; what mood is created by the details of weather, place, and time; and how this setting to convey the theme of the story. c. what did you learn about the role of women in the societies described in the reading selections in this unit? describe how the women cope with the conflicts they encounter. note: if you respond to essay (c), you may not choose the similar essay in the unit 3 unit test.
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If madame loisel was a charecter in canterbury tales what would her sin be?
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It's timed! overpopulation can affect the natural environment • limiting land available for crops.• lowering the standard of living.• causing the destruction of forests.• worsening sanitation in cities.​
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Which is included in the radio broadcast to capture the listener's attention that the original text of the story is not able to include
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In nonfiction, what refers to the written text that informs, explains, or discusses real things, eve...

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