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Aday spent at the museum can be an educational experience, but it can also be fun. paintings, sculptures, and various artifacts can be educate the visitor artifacts can educate the visitor, while interactive exhibits allow children and adults alike to participate in games and activities that will them to remember what they’ve learned. museum tour guides can be men or women. many museums also have gift shops to allow visitors to purchase images or replicas of those exhibits they enjoyed the most. a day at the museum is a day well spent

a. identify the topic sentence in the paragraph.

b. identify the sentence that is irrelevant and can be eliminated from the paragraph.

2. identify the appropriate step of writing process (prewriting, planning, writing the first draft, revising and editing, proofreading, presenting) in which each action would be performed

(a) outline
(b) developing some ideas, cutting others
(c) checking for errors in grammar and spelling
(d) freewriting
(e) putting tighter idea in draft

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Aday spent at the museum can be an educational experience, but it can also be fun. paintings, sculpt...

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