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Identify each event from romeo and juliet as an example of either internal conflict or external conflict

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Which of the following arguments uses a non sequitur fallacy? a. if we allow students to wear caps to school, soon we'll have to let them wear gang colors. b. you should vote for sylvia for class president because everyone else on the squad is voting for her. c. regulations on motorists should be lifted because factories are a bigger source of pollution. d. the gray wolves of winter falls park should be protected because they need our support.
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It was this unfathomable longing of the soul to vex itself- to offer violence to its own nature -- to do wrong forthe wrong's sake only - that urged me to continue andfinally to consummate the injury i had inflicted upon theunoffending brute. which theme does this sentence best support? ) a. humans are to struggle against their fate. b. all people have a wicked side. c. humans are meant to rule earth. od. no wrong will go unpunished. submit​
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Which statement is a central idea of this passage? a job may be perfect for you even though you have trouble finding it. local news can be as important to readers as national news. when you set out to perform a challenging task, you need a plan. effective journalists build strong contacts in their community.
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What factors increase the news value (or newsworthiness) of a story? list at least four factors and explain the relevance of each
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Identify each event from romeo and juliet as an example of either internal conflict or external conf...

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