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Henry huggins by beverly clearly what is ribsy doing when henry first notices him?





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Select the correct answers. what does this passage reveal about eric and garrett? the biggest race on the warm-up field, eric went through his usual routine of stretching so he’d be fully prepared for the race. in what seemed like just a couple of minutes, he heard the announcer. “all 400-meter runners, make your way to your starting lanes.” as eric got into position, another runner named garrett taunted him. “you do know there’s no way you’re going to beat the speed of speed, don’t you? ” he said with a chuckle. eric pretended he didn’t hear garrett and cleared his mind of everything. the announcer yelled, “runners, take your mark, get set! ” as the starting gun sounded, eric took off with the rest of the runners. garrett immediately sprinted ahead of the pack, but eric hung back and kept a close eye on garrett. as they turned the last corner and headed down the straightaway, eric stayed focused and picked up his pace. soon he was running right beside garrett. just a few yards from the finish line, eric made a strong push. he crossed the finish line just a few feet ahead of garrett. a. garrett and eric are both overconfident about their speed. b. garrett likes to boast about himself, while eric is more modest. c. eric is focused, whereas garrett is distracted. d. eric believes in warming up, while garrett prefers to sprint.
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What is the independent cause in this sentence? "if the poem is about going mad when love is lost, what would happen if love didn't die? "
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The adventures of tom sawyer, chapter 6 (excerpt) what does tom do to get sid’s attention? a) tom lies in bed as he tries to think of an excuse to miss school b) tom knocks a book on the floor to wake sid up c) tom tells sid that he is suffering from an infected toe and a loose tooth d) tom groans and says, “ when i’m gone…”, so sid will call for aunt polly’s how does sid react to tom as he pretends to die? a) so it becomes anxious and asks if tom is dying b) sid knows tom is faking but joins in with tom’s game c) sid takes tom seriously and makes a list of tom’s valuables d) sid knows tom is a lying and immediately runs to tell aunt polly
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What is darrow’s main argument and the claims he makes in this excerpt? a. darrow argues that even if the boys are horrible monsters, their deaths will not solve the problems of society; he claims that society wants the boys to be executed because people enjoy watching public executions. b. he argues that the people who should be held responsible for the crime are leopold’s and loeb’s parents since they neglected their sons; he claims that leopold and loeb were jealous of the boy they killed because he had expensive belongings they could not afford. c. darrow argues that the boys should not face the death penalty; he claims they both suffer from mental illnesses that make them unable to tell the difference between a dream and reality. d. he argues that leopold and loeb, particularly dickie loeb, should not be executed; he claims they were teenagers who didn’t have proper adult guidance, so they are not responsible for what they did.
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Henry huggins by beverly clearly what is ribsy doing when henry first notices him?


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