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Where did shakespeare spend all of his time at?

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Read the excerpt from hamlet, act i, scene ii. claudius: take thy fair hour, laertes; time be thine, and thy best graces spend it at thy will. but now, my cousin hamlet, and my son,— hamlet: [aside.] a little more than kin, and less than kind. claudius: how is it that the clouds still hang on you? hamlet: not so, my lord; i am too much i’ the sun. what is the most likely reason that shakespeare chose this point in the play to give hamlet his first aside? shakespeare is alerting the audience to the conflict between claudius and hamlet. shakespeare is making sure the audience knows early on that hamlet is a tragic hero. shakespeare is contrasting hamlet with laertes to create suspense for the audience. shakespeare is hinting to the audience that claudius will cause an unhappy ending for hamlet.
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How does ben jonson's quote “‘he was not of an age, but for all time! ’” from paragraph 2 contribute to the development of ideas in the text? a it emphasizes the lasting popularity of shakespeare’s plays. b it shows that shakespeare was best understood in his time. c it proves that shakespeare’s plays only improve over time. d it stresses how shakespeare was not appreciated in his time.
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Which of the following is/are not a theory/theories by anti-stratfordians about why shakespeare was not the true author of his works? select all that apply. shakespeare had very little schooling, and there aren't even records of what education he did undergo. shakespeare knew too much about the upper class to be a merchant's son. many authors used pen names during shakespeare's time. documented facts prove that shakespeare was dead when the plays were written.
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Dorcas is a working mother and has a very busy schedule. she feels that she is unable to spend time with her kids. what do you think she shoulddo? atry finishing all the household chores and then spend time with children if time permitsb. resign from her work so that she can spend time with kidsc. buy expensive gifts for children since she is unable to spend timed. spend quality time with the kids first when she is back home before resuming any other work​
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