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How does this contrast the way Ying Ying describe herself in the past

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Which event in macbeth happens first? oa. the witches plan to trick macbeth and make him overconfident. ob. lady macbeth feels guilty and kills herself. oc. macbeth learns that macduff was not "born of woman."od. banquo is killed but his son, fleance, escapes.
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Read the excerpt from the common sense of bicycling: bicycling for ladies. the bicycle is capable of such high speed that there is a strong temptation to ride so fast as to cause over exertion or excessive perspiration. on the other hand some people ride too slow, causing a zigzag and uncertain movement. while exercising reasonable caution, be a fearless rider. when you come to a steep hill, if the road is clear, let it go as fast as it will. if you rid yourself of that ghost of fear, coasting is one of the greatest delights of cycling. which is the best paraphrase of the text?
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Which if the following does the communist party do through it's party organization? select all that apply. ensures freedom of the people recruits members and leaders develops policy indoctrinates the people maintains discipline
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Read the introduction to the persuasive essay, "should cosmetic surgeries be banned? " what makes this introduction weak?
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How does this contrast the way Ying Ying describe herself in the past...

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