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PLeAsE hElP!!: Which word is an ANTONYM for the word ^contradict^? "All of the evidence seemed to ^contradict^ what the boy was claiming.

a. support
b. conceal
c. damage
d. clarify

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How does bloomberg business allow subjectivity and bias to appear in its article about the flu? a. it follows one family's economic hardships that resulted from the flu vaccine. b. it quotes experts and facts related only to the economic impacts of the flu. c. it includes testimonials only from experts who have lost family members to the flu. d. it shows close-ups of a sick child's face to evoke sympathy in the reader.
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Whenever we take information from another source – whether we use the information word for word or we put the information into our own words – we must use a(n) right after where the research occurs in the paper.
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PLeAsE hElP!!: Which word is an ANTONYM for the word ^contradict^? "All of the evidence seemed to ^...

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