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Any girl want to be my friend

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Select all the correct answers. which sentences contain an adverb clause? darla set up a studio because she enjoyed painting. as aaron was having a midnight snack, he heard a loud noise coming from the basement. the entire town was searching for the girl with the red hair. they listened to what he had to say but disagreed with him in the end.
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Select the quote that best shows character. “why should he disturb my peace? ” “excuse me, sir, i am not accustomed to listen to such expressions or to such a tone of voice. i want to hear no more.” “the dear lady may well have taken me for a brigand.” “then you won’t pay me now? eh? ”
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Based on what you have just learned about the great awakening and religious life in the colonies, why would a sermon be popular to read? check all reasons that apply.
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Which elements does strong narrative writing always contain? check all that apply a connection to an outline a series of steps a clear point of view a set of directions a description of events
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Any girl want to be my friend...

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