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Which statement below accurately describes a major difference between the short story and The Twilight Zone version of this story? 1. The short story version does not include dialogue, while the movie version does include dialogue.
2. The movie version includes foreshadowing, while the short story version does not.
3. In the short story version, Farquhar is a soldier, while in the movie version, he is a civilian.
4. In the movie version, music is often used in place of figurative language and imagery

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Synonyms and antonyms of the word mean is
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Match the definition to the word for a better understanding of the paragraph. 1 money does not buy happiness or security. 2john ringling, one of the five brothers of the ringling brothers circus, started out in 1884 with a trained horse and a performing bear. 3for over forty years, he worked hard at the family enterprise, bought up smaller circuses, and imported new acts. 4in the 1920s, he was rated as one of the world's wealthiest men and owned every sizable circus in the country. 5over 5,000 people were on his payroll, and over 240 railroad cars were in his retinue each time the circus moved. 6at the time of his death, however, he was a nervous, unhappy man; he was also bankrupt and beset by lawsuits. 7his carefully built circus empire passed into alien hands. 8all those years of work had turned to dust. 1. business organization alien 2. group beset 3. without funds to pay debts retinue 4. troubled or harassed enterprise 5. strange; belonging to another person, place, country, or thing bankrupt
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Read the excerpt from the land. in the late afternoon i did the same, but all the time i was on the stallion, i was aware that mitchell was watching me. he had appeared on the edge of the woods and had just stood there watching ghost wind and me as we went round and round the meadow. finally, on one of our turns past him, he said: "s'pose you thinkin' you a real somebody 'cause you can ride that stallion." i looked down at mitchell and stopped, knowing that despite our understanding, he was itching for a fight with me. now, i don't know what possessed me in that moment to say the next thing i did. maybe i was feeling guilty that because i was my daddy's son, i could ride ghost wind. maybe it was that, but it wasn't out of fear i said what i said. i no longer was afraid of mitchell. "you want to ride him? " i asked. mitchell took a step backward. it was obvious he hadn't expected me to say that. "you know i can't ride him," he said. "your white daddy'd kill me." "you want to ride him? " i asked again. mitchell looked at the stallion, then at me. "so, what if i do? " what intrinsic motivation does the author most likely intend the reader to infer from the passage? paul is motivated by his need to have mitchell praise his riding skills. mitchell is motivated by his need to have paul praise his riding skills. paul is motivated by jealousy and wishes he had free time like mitchell. mitchell is motivated by jealousy and wishes he could ride the horse.
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But this, but you – small, pitiful and twiggy – you put me down with wine, you blinded me. come back, odysseus, and i'll treat you well, praying the god of earthquake to befriend you – his son i am, for he by his avowal fathered me, and, if he will, he may heal me of this black wound – he and no other of all the happy gods or mortal men.' few words i shouted in reply to him: 'if i could take your life i would and take your time away, and hurl you down to hell! the god of earthquake could not heal you there! ' at this he stretched his hands out in his darkness toward the sky of stars, and prayed poseidon: 'o hear me, lord, blue girdler of the islands, if i am thine indeed, and thou art father: grant that odysseus, raider of cities, never see his home -the odyssey, homer what motivates cyclops to ask poseidon to interfere with odysseus's journey home?
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