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The student unpacked her notebook, supplies, and textbook from her bag before she sat down at the table to complete her homework at the library.

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  ! i need it ! the daughters of the revolution eventually admitted african american to their hall. which best analyzes how this detail supports the meaning in "marian anderson sings"? a)it shows that african american performers would never be able to perform in some theaters. b)its show that an era of discrimination on unfair treatment of african american was finally over. c)it shows that marian anderson had ease discrimination for for african american performers. d)its shows that revolutionaries are not open to new ideas.
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If ms. walton can enroll at least twenty students, she plans to offer an olympic fencing elective class. she needs to share information about the course with students and parents. which is ms. walton least likely to use in a one-sided, one-page information flyer about the course? a) a short bulleted list of the goals of the fencing course b) a colorful pie chart of fencing results in the last five olympics c) a brief description of fencing next to a small image of two people fencing d) text features such as varied font styles, sizes, and colors to highlight planned class activities
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Based on the map, which arabian city will marco polo describe after kalhat if he continues northwest across the arabian sea?
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How does the authors discussion of sujatha baliga's own experiences with abuse and forgiveness contribute to the text
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The student unpacked her notebook, supplies, and textbook from her bag before she sat down at the ta...

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