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Only today I wish I didn't have only eleven years rattling inside me like pennies in a tin Band-Aid box. Today I wish I was one hundred and two instead of eleven because if I was one hundred and two, I'd have known what to say when Mrs. Price put the red sweater on my desk. I would've known how to tell her it wasn't mine instead of just sitting there with that look on my face and nothing coming out of my mouth.

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Read the passage. In a paragraph, describe the conflict and explain what it tells you about Rachel.

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Read the excerpt below and answer the question. “this fair country alone is settled by freeholders, the possessors of the soil they cultivate . .” in about 100 words, discuss the influence that being a “freeholder” has on a settler and, according to crevecoeur, the admirable qualities it engenders.
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In the poem, collins suggests that memories do what as people age
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Which of the following is an example of a periodical?
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Jason is making a list of sources for his current events report about the presidential election. he writes: magazine, newspaper, news website, book. which choice could provide the most current information? a) book b) magazine c) newspaper d) news website
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Only today I wish I didn't have only eleven years rattling inside me like pennies in a tin Band-Aid...

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