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Read the passage from a doll's house by henrik ibsen.
[nora: ] i have not been able to put aside much from my
housekeeping money, for torvald must have a good table.
i couldn't let my children be shabbily dressed; i have felt
obliged to use up all he gave me for them, the sweet little
how do the authors use word choice and structure to
support and develop the central idea in the two
mrs. linde: so it has all had to come out of your own
necessaries of life, poor nora?
both authors use repetition to emphasize a key idea in
the text.
both authors use words with negative connotations to
tell about a challenge.
ibsen uses a cause-effect structure, while woolf uses a
problem-solution structure.
ibsen uses a problem-solution structure, while woolf
uses a cause-effect structure.
nora: of course. besides, i was the one responsible for it.
whenever torvald has given me money for new dresses
and such things, i have never spent more than half of it;
have always bought the simplest and cheapest things.
heaven, any clothes look well on me, and so
torvald has never noticed it. but it was often very hard on
me, christine-because it is delightful to be really well
dressed, isn't it?
mrs. linde: quite so

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Read the passage from a doll's house by henrik ibsen.
[nora: ] i have not been able to put asi...

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