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What theme is explored in both passages?
women are strong and do need the support of men.
raising children is a woman's most important job.
women are expected to be invisible in society.
women should take pride in caring for children.
read the passage from a doll's house
helmer: to desert your home, your husband and your
children! and you don't consider what people will say!
nora: i cannot consider that at all. i only know that it is
necessary for me.
helmer. it's shocking. this is how you would neglect your
most sacred duties.
read the passage from a room of one's own.
that refuge she would have sought certainly. it was the
relic of the sense of chastity that dictated anonymity to
women even so late as the nineteenth century. currer
bell, george eliot, george sand, all the victims of inner
strife as their writings prove, sought ineffectively to veil
themselves by using the name of a man. thus they did
homage to the convention, which if not implanted by the
other sex was liberally encouraged by them (the chief

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